An exciting new Online Course. There’s never been a better time to boost your skills in professional-level web design. Make the most of several interlinked industry standard software programmes in one intensive course – for people who mean business! The Morley College ‘Big Web’ course is designed to help you get a foot on the industry ladder; aimed at beginners or those wishing to improve their skills for new career opportunities. Working on a series of real-world design projects, taught by industry professionals and using the very latest software; this course will quickly propel your skills to the next level! Website Communication is a multi-layered discipline, when you scratch the surface, the subject matter is huge. Many people start with the idea of just ‘doing’ their website – as a single task to get out of the way, only to be overwhelmed by the hugeness and ongoing complexity of task. There is simply so much to know, and so much that you may be surprised you didn’t know. By the end of the course, you will have gained a broad overview of the three areas of Web Communication: ‘Creative’, ‘Technical’ and ‘Optimisation’ and have learned to combine these into a professional workflow; each workshop covering key principles giving you a taste for further investigation. See your website look better, work better. Grow your audience and impress your audience, potential employers and clients. After completing this course, you can continue honing your Software skills through our ‘Adobe Pack’ courses in Design, Publishing, Photography and Animation. All great complements to web design. If you are not entitled to a reduced fee but are finding it difficult to pay for your course in one go, we can offer a Staged Payment Agreement to split the costs into three payments if your course(s) costs £200 or more.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn fundamental creative web building skills such as design concepts and layout, copywriting, image-creation and photo management, logo and brand creation.
  • Understand and practice technical principles such as the difference between platforms and effective HTML and CSS coding.
  • Practice and evaluate skills in social media engagement, defining and building your audience through targetting.
  • Use effective Search Engine Optimisation practices to build a functioning, secure well-indexed website.
  • Use online learning software to present work, receive and give feedback and practice skills.
  • Use Adobe Software such as Photoshop to create visual assets for your website.

Tutor: Philippe Close

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