On this course you will learn a range of photographic portraiture styles and techniques. Select and use camera settings to best show off your ideas. Learn the characteristics of light and its importance in portraiture. Boost your portfolio by working with varied studio and natural, available light scenarios, improve your technical camera skills and learn tips to communicate and pose your subject both in the studio and on location. Learn with a published editorial portrait photographer. If you are not entitled to a reduced fee but are finding it difficult to pay for your course in one go, we can offer a Staged Payment Agreement to split the costs into three payments if your course(s) costs £200 or more. Please talk to a member of enrolment staff about how your payments would be structured. You are liable for all payments under this agreement, even if you stop attending your class.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Make effective use of Portrait lenses and Aperture to control Depth of field
  • Understand aspects of portrait lighting, both natural and artificial
  • Use light modifiers, to effect setting and background
  • Learn techniques to Improved Portrait Composition and Subject Poses
  • Direct posture, gesture, and expression: how to relax and connect with your subject.
  • Photograph people with confidence to reveal their character

Tutor – Lydia Evans

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