This course is ideal for anybody that has enthusiasm for portrait photography but seeks support and guidance on how to work on a more focused Portrait project that explores a theme or concept. It is also a great progression for students from our ‘Portrait Photography: In the studio and on location’, or ‘Editorial Photography: Photographing for publication’ courses, applying this new knowledge to photographing a coherent portrait series of images rather than just a stand-alone portrait. Students will explore the potential of portrait projects and ask the question, what is a portrait? It could take the form of a study of a ‘type’, (a Typology) or linked group of people, exploring an idea rather than a portrait about the individual sitters. You will learn how to investigate an idea, research it and plan the portrait shoots, as well as enhanced your photographic skills. You will gain experience editing the final selected images for the most effective portraits series. This is a great course if you aspire to create a Photo book or simply take your photography to the next level. This course could assist with portfolio building to apply for higher education.

Tutor – Lydia Evans

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