In a world where communication has shifted dramatically towards image-led exchanges online, illustration offers great opportunities for a creatively rewarding career. Illustration is client-based, commercial image making and has boomed as an industry over recent years with 80% of illustrators in the UK working part-time from home. An illustrator works to brief, collaborating with the client in regards to their needs, within the boundaries of a budget and deadline! Types of illustration include editorial (magazines and newspapers), publishing (books), advertising, educational and physical spaces. Specialisms within illustration includes zoological / botanical or medical illustration. 
This course lays the foundation for anyone interested in becoming a professional illustrator. It covers images making techniques and from traditional hand made methods and materials digital processes using computers and software. You will explore a range of approaches that explores the overlap between analogue and digital techniques, generating your own imagery and editing them digitally as well as creating stand-alone digital images. You will utilise the industry-standard software Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You will also learn about the technical considerations and requirements of publishing your images across different platforms including print, online and hand- held devices. Please note the course does not cover animation or 3D wireframe work. 
A series of weekly briefs will support a larger brief and provide the start or add to a portfolio. You will receive advice on strategies for those seeking to become freelance or agency-based illustrators. This is a great course for those interested in pursuing a creative career!

Tutor: Stephen Hall

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