An exciting new online course! ‘Shoot for the Stars!’ on this new course in Astro-Photography. Learn the tips and techniques for shooting the sky at night and achieve brilliant images of nightscapes, cityscapes, stars and a variety of far-off astral bodies. Learn software skills to post-produce your images – creating amazing pictures to be proud of. This course is taught by Tom Kerss of the Royal Greenwich Observatory; an astrophotographer and astronomer with a technical background in astrophysics. Tom’s been working in science communication for ten years, and is a media expert on a broad range of astronomical topics. He was appointed this year to the panel of judges on Insight Investment Astronomy Photography of the Year, the foremost space photography competition, and one of the largest photographic prizes in the world.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic theory of astrophotography
  • Choose lenses and set your camera for optimum results
  • Use astronomical theory to plan an astrophotography session
  • Capture and digitally develop photographs of the night sky
  • Use advanced theory and software to take your next steps and improve results

Tutor: Tom Kerss

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