An exciting new online course! Kick start your skills in the image editing program of choice for photography professionals! Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful software programme which allows you to organise and work quickly with multiple images at the same time. Over this short intensive course you will gain a solid working knowledge of the functions of the programme and its use in an image-editing workflow. You will learn the different tools that can be used to add metadata to images so you can quickly find files, to then enhance, edit, and create images for web or print. With information on the develop tools, online and print resolution, colour calibration and soft proofing your files for print. This is an essential course for the digital photographer.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know how to import images using different settings depending on intended use
  • Organize image files and add metadata, tags and many other library functions
  • Post-produce images using different develop settings
  • Save files to specific types and sizes for online and print use
  • Select develop settings needed for a range of impactful images
  • Work confidently in an online learning environment

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