This course, held at Morley College’s Waterloo Centre, is for students who are new to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects or those who already have some experience and wish to progress at a higher level. This intensive course will prepare you for the Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design, using Premiere Pro and After Effects, while giving you the opportunity to learn the software to a professional standard. The certificates are industry-recognised credentials that can prove helpful for your career and there are several reasons you might want to gain Adobe Professional Certification. For one, your employer might insist on it or suggest it will help you get a raise or a promotion. If you are a freelancer, having an official ‘Certified Professional’ badge from Adobe on your website and C.V. may help you win clients and gain an edge on your competitors. You may also wish to teach Adobe skills to others, or you may just realise there are things you have never learned to do within the software and fancy the challenge. The focus of the classes is on understanding exam requirements and gaining the confidence you need when using the application for image editing tasks. The course is structured around Adobe’s exam domains. Exams will be taken online via a secure link and your score is delivered to you at the end of the exam. Please note, homework is an essential part of this course, and we recommend planning for at least 5 hours per week extra, outside of your class time, for revision and practice.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to a standard that will gain you Adobe Certified Professional status
  • Learn critical concepts related to working with colleagues and clients as well as crucial legal, technical, and design-related knowledge
  • Identify and use the interface setup and program settings that assist in an efficient and effective workflow, as well as knowledge about creating digital assets for a project
  • Use document structures such as layers, tracks, and document structure for efficient workflows.
  • Learn and use the core tools and functionality of the application, as well as tools that affect the visual appearance of document elements
  • Successfully save and export documents or assets within individual layers or selections for export to web, print, and video.
  • Sit practice tests and based on the results, know what to practice and improve upon before sitting your official examination

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