Student Spotlight – Kat Reichel. Stop Animation Movie

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When Stop Motion Animation tutor Lucy Orr saw what her student Kat Reichel (pictured) accomplished on her Stop Motion Animatio n course at Morley College she was bowled over! So much so that we asked Kat if she could talk about her experience of making her beautiful and moving film ‘J’, which introduces us to ‘a lonely old man who’s life takes an unexpected turn when he receives a letter not meant for him’

Morley Digital: How did you find the course at Morley College?

After a few videos depicting the adventures of a cat and hippo made in our living room, my husband booked this course to encourage me to learn the basics of stop motion. He gave me a few options for classes – I researched the teachers, and Lucy’s background and work seemed the most interesting. So I chose Morley College.

What previous experience did you have, if any, in stop motion before coming on to this course?

I have done one or two amateur stop motion videos in the past – more to get a laugh out of my husband and family. When I was a kid, I would build whole villages of characters to the chagrin of my mothers’ poor carpet. It has always been a dream of mine to work on an Aardman Studio film but life took me more into international humanitarian response, rather than the extravagant life of stop motion artists. I never thought I would do anything more than playing around with a camera and some plasticine.

What was your experience of this course and Morley College?

I really loved my experience at Morley College. I got to spend dedicated time on my work – learning the basics of animation and watching other international film to inspire me to try new things. Having an instructor to offer advice and tweaks to your technique was invaluable. I gained a real confidence to go for a proper short film which I never thought possible! It was also enjoyable to meet others with a love of stop motion – as you do not meet many in your day to day!

How are you progressing with your stop motion filmmaking?

To be honest, without the course pushing me to complete another short, I haven’t done much other than sketch out a few story lines. But I hope to progress over the next few years to be able to submit my work to a local festival. Let’s hope Morley offers an intermediate course so I can keep improving!

Would you recommend this course to others

Yes – certainly. The course would appeal to a lot of different people: artists and writers looking to push the boundaries of their work in sculpture or story telling; creative types looking for an outlet for their obsessive tenancies; and of course, any aspiring amateur stop motion enthusiast, like myself.

See Kats film below: and then if you fancy trying it for yourself click here:



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